Can I receive updates on imported repositaries?

Hi Folks,

I am new in Github and would like to work on some specific repossitaries which are available as open source. However my question is pretty straight forward if I import/clone the repositary in my account which I was able to do successfully. But the major question lies that after importing/cloning from the source, will I continue to see/track changes or updates made on the src repositary?

What I mean precisely here let’s say I have imported/cloned the repositary as on today’s date and started working on my end, but in future if there are new releases or updates in the src repositary how do I know? is there any automation that will allow me to receive a notification or update saying the src repositary has been updated and I need to pull the updated part again on my end to ensure my repositary remains updated with the src?

Otherwise it would be tough to manually track changes on the src repositary and reflect them on my end.

Please help.

:wave: Welcome!

If you are cloning and then pushing them as new repositories to your own account, then no, there wouldn’t be a straightforward way to check this.

If you fork the repositories, however, you can keep them up to date using the “fetch upstream” option.