Can I post a comment on behalf of my OAuth app?

I’m trying to figure out if it is possible to post a comment on behalf of my OAuth app, which is a CI type service. I am using the Octokit Ruby gem to do this. 

Previously, I setup Octokit to use the Statuses API and it is properly adding status messages to Pull Requests which have the user of my OAuth app (avatar and name match the OAuth app). Today I went to implement adding comments to Pull Requests and I noticed that when I sent the comment, the user shows up as me ( I did not change any of the underlying code to create the Octokit client when I implemented creating comments, which is creating the client using the OAuth token passed back to our application when I authenticated.

In summary:

I added a new method that calls create_commit_comment and the comment showed up as me.

When I use create_status the status shows up as my OAuth app. 

My question is whether or not I can create comments that show up as my OAuth app? Thanks!

@jer-k Did you ever figure out if you could do this?

@cnnrmnn I found that it is actually not possible with an OAuth application. We and had planned on migrating to a Github App anyways and once we had done that migration, all the notifications are sent through the Github App.