Can I license my code as open source if I used other people's code in the form of python modules?

I made a project in python that uses the time and selenium modules. Am I still allowed to license my work under MIT or some other license?

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That depends on the license terms of these modules — i.e. if their license is MIT compatible.

And, if they are compatible, do make sure that you fulfill their license requirements (i.e. crediting, linking, including full license, etc., as indicated in each module’s license).

For example, the selenium module seems to be licensed under Apache 2.0:

If you need a different license for your project you’ll have to check the licenses compatibility guidelines (for all third party code involved):

Sometimes open source licenses can be tricky to understand, because of the legal jargon surrounding some aspects. Whenever possible, I advise to stick to the licenses of the modules your work is based on (i.e. if they all share the same license), which is easier.

If in doubt, always ask people who are knowledgeable about law. A good place to check or ask for support regarding licenses is:

chances are that you’ll be able to find past discussions on specific licenses compatibility, so try and searching first.