Can I have my repository hosted in Australia

For my software development I need the repository to be hosted in Australia, is it possible with the repositories to select where my repository is hosted?

you mean the data centers ? what benefit would that be ? when GitHub is not that much demanding when it comes to data and loading

@Kamiho13 you cannot choose where your repository is hosted. it will be hosted in US data centres.

The only GitHub managed Cloud offering that offers data residency will be GitHub AE but that is still an emerging product, intended for larger enterprises with a data residency requirement (perhaps for legal reasons) and expect significant additional costs.

Having “hosting in AUS” as a requirement seems a bit odd to me. It’s just code. If your code is so secret you have requirements around hosting, hosted GitHub probably isn’t right for you. Self-host something on an environment you can control (a GitLab instance on a server close to you, perhaps?).

If you represent a large(r) company, you may check with Sales if an on-premise version of GitHub is available: