Can I give read-only access to a private repo (from a developer account)?

+1 this is a must have feature.

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+1 Echoing what others have said, this is an extremely important feature for sharing private user repos.

+1 From me too.

I need to share a private repo to get the feedback.

+1 from me too.

I was wondering if this is present in github. Seems kinda odd it hasn’t been implemented yet

+1 This is extremely helpful feature. Please add it.

Please add this feature, even if it is a paid option.

Another person waiting for this option

Come on guys, sure there must be a fix for this. Extremely necesary. Althoug PATs could help, this does not solve the issue of letting someone sneak to your private repo safely, that is, “please have look but don’t touch anything, good damn it!”

Would be great to have this feature!