Can I get a history of jobs that have run on a runner?

We are using self-hosted runners in order to run our GitHub Actions workflows. Our runners are hosted in Google Compute Engine and we have a pool of 16 of them that we use for various different repos (and thus various different workflows).
We are having problems where something in one of our many workflows is leaving credentials “lying around” (for want of a better description) on the runners and this interferes with other workflows, causing them to fail.

In order to identify the problematic repo that is causing these problems it would be useful to know what jobs have been run on a runner and I’m surprised to discover that that information doesn’t seem to be available. If I browse to the runner details at then I see this information:

but there is no list of jobs that have run in the past.

is there a way to discover a list of jobs that have been run on a runner? I’m rather surprised this information isn’t available through the UI.