Can I filter github issues by age or relative date

I would like to filter all open issues that have not been updated in the last two years. Is that possible? If so, what is the correct syntax for this request?

I can search for issues that were last updated before a specific date like this

is:issue is:open updated:<=2016-10-31

Can I filter by a relative date? For example some like:

is:issue is:open updated:<=2-Years-AGO

HI @stpaultim,

Thank you for being here! This type of search is not possible at this time. We do have an internal Issue open where we’re tracking interest in improvements to the search feature and collecting customer feedback. I’ve gone ahead and added your requirements to the discussion, but I’m unable to confirm if or when such a feature would be available. When we do publish it, we’ll make sure to document it in the release notes.


I need this as well. 

Was surprised this didn’t exist.

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Also want to chime in that this would be a very useful feature. Even if it as is simple as updated:>=24hr-ago