Can I earn money using my different projects on github?


The question is too broad, you might have to narrow it down to the type of projects you’re involved with.

For example, open source developers can earn money through sponsorship and patrons — some big projects are being financially backed by commercial enterprises that rely on these tools for their daily business, and want to ensure that they are constantly updated and kept secure by donations that allow the project maintainers to work full time on them. GitHub has even created an official program for sponsoring projects hosted on GitHub:

There is also the possibility to find and hire developers via GitHub’s Jobs program:

So, there are many legitimate ways to earn money through GitHub (more then mentioned above) without breaching the EULA and code of conduct. It would be interesting if this thread further developed the topic, especially by highlighting the commercial practices which are not permitted on GitHub — although these are probably explicitly mentioned in the documentation of each GitHub service, the various end-user agreements and guidelines, etc. — there doesn’t seem to be an official GitHub article that explores the topic exhaustively in one place.

New users might be overwhelmed by all the info scattered across GitHub Help and the legal documentation, and might be unsure if (for example) creating a commercial website via GitHub pages (using a free account) is legitimate or not, and so on.

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Well yeah there is a lot of information. Since im a newbie gonna learn a lot of stuff here!