Can I configure the file finder to index directories named "build"?

Today, the GitHub file finder doesn’t find files in directories named “build”. You can see for yourself by viewing this repo and pressing “t”. The file finder only finds “notbuild/foo.txt”, not “build/foo.txt”. Is there a way to configure the file finder to index build?

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I wish there was a way to fix this, too. I reached out to support about this recently and was told the following.

The file finder (the search you see when using the t keyboard shortcut) does by default exclude these files.

 It’s not possible to disable or override that in the file finder 

From the github help, it looks like this also applies to other folder names too:

File finder results exclude some directories like build, log, tmp, and vendor. To search for files within these directories, use the filename code search qualifier.

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Hi @evankroske,

Thanks for the report! Currently, the file finder intentionally excludes directories that commonly contain generated files, including build, log, tmp, and vendor. Omitting what can be a very large list of less-relevant files helps keep the file finder performing well.

That said, we know that these directories can be important in some cases, and we do have an open feature request to allow the exclusions to be configured. Although I can’t say if or when that feature will be added, I’ll add your report to the feature request, and it’ll be evaluated by our product engineering teams.