can i combine github with Repl it

hello dear Experts, 

can i combine github with Repl it

well i just have found the online-ide_  guess that i will stick with Repl and i think it would be great if i combine it with the github-Account.  BTW: i did not have any other option - but i will try out the repl system

i use it with a chrome extension - this lets me integrate repl with my github-account. 

Can i fully use the github account with repl?

cf - the repl - extension for chrome see:

the good thing: i can work with python , php , perl and other languages

i will come back and report all the findings. 

meanwhile - have a great day

Hi @linoman-zz ,

No, I don’t think it is possible. I do have a bit of experience with the platform and haven’t noticed a feature like that. The extension you linked seems to just do importing to Repl, not exporting to GitHub.

But if you want to be sure, you should reach out to the Repl team.


Hello, I don’t know if by the time the question was made it was possible.

But at the moment it’s indeed possible to use github with

For this you open a new repl, then you press f1 to open the shell. From there you can clone a git repository, set you git and, commit your changes and push it to your github repository.

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