can i check if my jobs are queued on hosted actions with a workflow, so i can start to run locally


What i want to know is if I can with a command in a workflow check the status of hosted queue, and if i have a queue in my hosted actions, my runner will go through self hosted action. So what I’m trying to say is, my workflow checks if i have something queued in my hosted actions and if is there a queue, it will start to run jobs through my self hosted actions

something like this:
if: check_run[queued]
runs-on: [self-hosted linux]

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Currently, there is no way to check hosted queue status. And we could not use if condition for runs-on keyword. 

Hosted runner and self-hosted runner could not be the backup for each other.

You can execute up to 20 workflows concurrently per repository when using GitHub-hosted runners. This document shows detail usage limits:

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