Can I avoid creating a check run from a job? Needed for Deployments API

So I’d like to create a Deployment from a workflow, but there’s currently a circular dependency in that the currently running job creates a check run in a pending state, which prevents the Deployment from being created with the following error:

Conflict: Commit status checks failed for <ref>

You can get around this by specifying required_contexts: [] when creating the Deployment, but that means *no* checks are required for it to succeed.

If the deploy job didn’t create a check run, then this wouldn’t be a problem.

So is there a way to specify that a job not create a check run?

More broadly, is anyone else creating Deployments from GitHub Actions workflows, and if so how are they doing it?

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Unfortunately we do not have a way to prevent a job from creating a check_run as we use check_suites and check_runs for storing the progress and status for workflows. 

However, your scenario is very interesting and is something that I am starting to actively investigate as we make plans to richer continuous deployment features.  Unfortunately I am not deeply familiar with the deployments API so I don’t have a lot of ideas for work arounds.