Can I ask for help for how to create a specific code?

Hi there,
I need to open project file, made by another guy on a windows computer, on my Mac and every time I open this project session file I got the error message because his windows computer setup path is I:/film/, while mine is mydrivename/film/, although he has set the name of “I” disk to mydrivename, but it still doesn’t read as mydrivename inside this project file but it is saved as “I:/…”

I wonder if I can create a symlink to transfer such “I:/” to my drive name so we can have boundary for opening the same session files across our computers.
It seems it’s a little bit different from what I’ve searched and found so I wonder if I can ask for help for how these code should be in Terminal of Mac? or if there’s a little app to do this? how to ask for help?