Can I allow members of my organization to invite other members and create their own repositories?


Currently, members of my organization have to email me to request a new repository or to invite members. Can I allow certain users to do this or is the only way to give them full ownership permissions (which for me, has too many permissions)?


Hi @askyous

Organization members’ ability to create new repositories is linked to the permissions you have set up. If your organization members are currently unable to add repositories, you’ll need to take a look at your settings. I recommend checking out this Help article to find out where you can check the permissions you have set up for members of your organization:

Thanks! I’m now trying to find a way to give the members the ability to add other members but I don’t see it in the settings page. Is the only way to do this by upgrading certain users to administrator level?

Hi @askyous

You are correct. Only organization owners can invite users to join the organization. Be careful who you make an owner of an organization, however. You should only ever add people you trust as owners. They will have all the same permissions you do and there’s no hierarchy amongst owners - everyone has the same abilities and rights to decisionmaking once they are made an owner.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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It’s almost 2019, can we make it more modern and allow people to request an invitation themselves, or allow other member that are not owners, to invite others? This is crazy that people interested in joining my organization NEED to email me to request access. Yes Google doesn’t want a million people asking to join their organization, but my small company HPQC Labs LOVES it when people want to join our organization, and yet GitHub has made it extremely difficult for anyone to even express interest in joining us.


Thanks for the feedback on this! I’d love to provide some more context.

Making someone a member of your organization comes with permissions and privacy considerations. Because of this, it may be safer and easier to make whatever repositories you’d like the general public to be able to contribute to public. This way, GitHub users that aren’t members of your organization can still contribute to your organization’s projects. 

That said, I also understand that some organizations may not have the privacy concerns that others may, and therefore, adding new members to the organization may be a non-issue. I can definitely see the value in the ability for requests for membership in those situations (this could also reduce the workload for admins, having to remember to proactively add new members). I’ll definitely share this feedback with the team!


Admin has cleared the <edited by moderator> in a very nice way. I was glad to see the detailed answer of admin.

Thanks for clarifying this. I see that the Help clearly states that only Organization owners can invite users to the organization. However, it would be incredibly useful to my organization’s use case to be able to delegate Organization invitations to Team Maintainers.

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Having the ability to delegate organization invite permissions to Team Maintainers (or some other group of people) would definitely be a great addition. In particular because Owner privileges are so far-fetched.

We just set up a completely new team structure with the intent that teams and their maintainers could self-manage their team members without having to go through the owners all the time. Now we realized that the most common use case - team maintainers inviting new people, which are also not yet in the organization, to the team - is not really something that is possible.