Can I add DNS records to the existing domain?

So I am running a test site, where I am experimenting with server-side tracking, and I need to send the tracking data to a sub-domain that I “own”. In that regard, i need to add some TXT, A, and AAAA records to a subdomain different than the

I know that it is possible to configure with my own domain, but as this is just a test project, I have no purpose for setting up a custom domain and hereby endure costs.

So is there a way that I can access the existing domain’s DNS settings and create the necessary DNS records?

No, domain DNS records are automatically managed by GitHub. There isn’t a way for you to modify the DNS records attached to it. You’ll need to use your own domain if you need to set up any DNS records.

Cheers @thomasshaped,

I will use my own domain.