Can Git an VisualSVN peacefully coexist

I have company related files that we use VisualSVN, and personal files that I would like to use GIT.

Is it possable to have VisualSVN and GIT on the same machine, will they peacefully coexist?

Is it on Windows or Linux? Can you describe the problems you are foreseeing with these two softwares being on your machine at the same time?


repositories will not be intermixed.

I also use tortoiseSVN,  which is a shell on the windows system,  with VisualSVN

Is Git a shell on the windows system, or does it stand alone and not incorprated into the operating system?

Screenshot from 2019-01-03 21-21-39.png

Sorry for the old screenshot (just a random screenshot from Google), but if you select the option selected in the screenshot you should be fine!

thank you,

I installed it prior to recieveing your email with the third option on the screen shoot you gave me. I reinstalled it with the new option that you provided in the screens shot.

I am new to GIT, I did view a youtube video on GIT

looks pretty good, do you have any other recommendations for learning GIT

also I have MINGw64 installed

 the promt is:

myusier@machineName MINGW64   

any comments on that

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All seems fine! Good luck!