Can git actions connect to a private ip?

Hi ,
In my company , all our servers don’t have public ips. Can we make use of git hub actions to copy the repo contetnt to our servers ?


Hi @kalyanitcse05,

You can try to make the server as a self-hosted runner of your repository, and use actions/checkout@v2 to copy the repo to your server.


We want to automate the repo copy to our server when ever a push happens to repo.

Hi @kalyanitcse05,

Thanks for your reply! I talked with github stuff, looks converting the server to a self-hosted runner is the only way to do this.

Thanks for your reply, I tried to make it as a self runner, got an SSL issue.

Hi @kalyanitcse05,

Thanks for your reply! Could you please let me know the error details? (please enable debug logging for more log message). And the does the issue occur for other steps?