Can Clone successfully - but cannot perform pulls on a deployed instance

I’m able to clone a remote github repo using a Personal Access Token without issue. I place the username and PAT directly into the git clone command.

When I perform a pull operation on the same Repo I get the following error.

remote: Invalid username or password.
fatal: Authentication failed for '{URL_HIDDEN}/

I can confirm using git config --list that my PAT and username are set under and user.password are set correctly. In addition has been set correctly.

Ultimately only way I can get my deployed instance to update the code is to delete the files locally, and do a fresh clone. This is far from Ideal.

Another complication - My deployed instance is NOT using my personal user that I use for writing code and doing pushes. I have a secondary ‘system’ user who is doing the deployment as our intention is to automate the process and not have personal credentials on a server. This secondary user has admin access to the corporate repository, is added as admin collaborator on the repo , and a PAT with the permissions of delete:packages, repo, workflow, write:packages ( Taken from the github PAT page )

Anyone have any insight into what I might be doing wrong?