Can access be restored (removed the restriction) from my account

Can access be restored (removed the restriction) from my account, I was on a trip to Crimea and found my account restricted, I know about the appeal form, but the frequently asked questions also have this part: "Will traveling in these regions be impacted ?
Travel in these regions may impact your account status, but availability may be reinstated once you are outside of the sanctioned region and upon submitting a successful individual account appeals request or an organizational account appeals request. "
since I do not like the idea of ​​uploading my passport to the Internet, I would be very happy if “availability may be reinstated once you are outside of the sanctioned region” worked, I swear, I will never be in Crimea again, but I really need access to to my account. please help me

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:wave: Welcome!

At present the only way to get an account un-restricted is to complete the appeals form exactly as asked and to the best of your ability.

We are sorry that this is required, but we are required to comply with US law to continue doing business. We thank you for your patience here.

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I already filled out the appeal form a few days ago, how long should I wait? I am very worried that I am limited

Hello! I have the same problem. I’m very interested - has your account already been unblocked? More than 20 days have passed.

yes the account has been unblocked

it happened on Jul 23, 01:14

@0dminnimda when did you file the appeal? How long did it take in the end? I recently went to Crimea as well. I filed an appeal on Aug 16, but haven’t heard from the GH support ever since.

@canuckjacq could you share an approximate processing time for appeals like this? Is there anything that could be done to speed up the process?
I am getting desperate as I do not want to let my team down because of the blocked account.

Hi! I can confirm that your appeal and your ticket have been received and are in the right place. I don’t however have an ETA as this can vary depending on queue volumes.

I hope it’s sorted for you soon.

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I can’t say for sure, but it was no earlier than July 18th, and I think that on average it will take them about a week to process the form

For others suffering from the same issue, my account have just been reinstated. I filed the appeal on Aug 16. It was reinstated on Aug 25. So it took me 9 days.
Thank you for your help @canuckjacq and @0dminnimda !

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