Can a standalone application that connects to GitHub be listed in the Marketplace?


My product, GitSense ( is a standalone application that indexes GitHub repositories and it is designed to be installed on any number of machines. For example, a user could install GitSense on their laptop and connect to GitHub with an access token or they could configure the GitSense server to support OAuth.

Based on what I’ve read, I don’t believe my application can be listed on the Marketplace since it requires webhooks, which is something I don’t manage, as every GitSense server is responsible for managing events and authentication with GitHub.

Am I reading things correctly or can my application be listed on the Marketplace?

Hi @terrchen :wave:

First of all, your site is super clean! I haven’t given the actual app a try, but I love the design of your frontpage =)

For your actual question, could you point us to where you found that restriction that webhooks nullify marketplace listing? Our docs, here:


Apps must have webhook events set up to notify the publisher of any plan changes or cancellations using the GitHub Marketplace API.

…but doesn’t mention webhooks beyond that.

Maybe there’s something I’m missing that you found! Let us know.

@nethgato The quote you mentioned is my concern. GitSense doesn’t have webhooks since it is designed to be something you would run on your laptop or anywhere else where docker is available.

If I were to list GitSense in the marketplace, the flow for the user would be they would run a docker command to download and start GitSense in cloud, their desktop or even on their laptop. And once GitSense is up and running, they would add a private auth token and they can start indexing and analyzing Git repos.

Based on my reading of the Marketplace terms, it sounds like every GitSense instance will need to be able to communicate with the Marketplace API, which is what I am confused about.

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Hey @terrchen

Thanks so much for clarifying! So yes, in order to list on the Marketplace, you must have the ability to handle changes to a user’s billing state. There is additional documentation, here:

So I believe with the way you’ve configured your Dockerized app to run locally on a user’s system, shouldn’t have to be changed. However, you do have to make sure that that individual user’s plan status changes get handled by your site.