Can a repositorybe visible only for SSO login?

Can an organisation (that uses SSO) set a repository to be viewable only after a user sign in to the organisation using its SSO? what about outside collaborators?

Hi @liorbanai,

Thanks for being here, on GHES GitHub Enterprise is provided via two solutions, one is hosted on our infrastructure via and the other is a self-hosted server platform.

For the Enterprise Cloud product, each staff member needs to have their own individual login. Their personal login is then linked to an identity in your IdP the first time they access the Organization on The individual account itself however remains with the user even after they leave your organization, although their access to your private repositories is then disabled.

As the GitHub login belongs to the individual, there is no way to prevent them from accessing other resources hosted on

Alternatively identity integration via SAML, LDAP, or CAS is also available in our self-hosted GitHub Enterprise Server product. GitHub Enterprise Server is a standalone platform which only hosts your own users and repositories. It must be deployed either to your own virtualisation infrastructure, or a supported cloud hosting provider.

This is helpful. Thanks!

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