Can a github page made using default templates ALSO render a custom html file in the same repository

I have setup a Github page successfully using Jekyll and the default Minimal theme on the  gh-pages  branch. It acts as a nice documentation for my code in the  master  branch. However I now want it to also render a  custom html page.

What do I mean by that?

Usually we write in markdown and Github takes care of everything (when using the Jekyll themes). But this custom html file can’t be prepared that way. It has some interactive elements, scripts etc that I don’t know how to put down in markdown and expect to be prepared correctly by Github (OR is it actually possible to hack the template to do that? ). I don’t really care the endpoint of the page, it can be any thing.

So finally, I want to have the github project page with say Minimal theme working with the usual markdown files and that only one or more files would be in HTML directly and in the same “” domain as the usual markdown files appear.

If it can be done, please let me know how.

I feel like it should be doable but perhaps the way I am googling isn’t yielding anything useful.

Yes, you can find an example in this Pages test repository I created. You can see the contents of the repository here. For more information about the capabilities of Jekyll, see the Jekyll documentation site.

Let us know if you have more questions.

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