Calling out Project Maintainers to guide beginners to muddle through Hacktoberfest 2021 🎉

:wave: Hello community

I am Vinit Shahdeo, a GitHub Star from India :india:. I along with a few amazing mentors have decided to contribute to mentor newbies in kickstarting their open-source journey and completing Hacktoberfest’21 challenge. We’re starting this open-source celebration journey with an optimistic vision of helping 1000 beginners.

Project Maintainers

If you happen to be a project maintainer, we would be more than grateful to onboard you as a mentor. Please go through “Muddle through Hacktoberfest 2021 like a Pro :tada:” blog post to learn more about the initiative.

  • Add beginner-friendly issues to

  • Add your repositories to


Here’s a home to your queries and quest for potential issues to contribute. We’ve compiled a handpicked list of beginner-friendly issues (& repositories) ahead of time so that you can get the ball rolling once Hacktoberfest kicks off! :rocket:

The mentors will guide you on getting started with open-source and completing your Hacktoberfest challenge. You can begin by introducing yourself in the discussions.

Happy Hacktoberfest :tada: