Calling All Integration Specialists! Feedback Requested!


We have recently launched Intamerge ( – a new engine which makes integration easy and effortless, even for those without technical knowledge.   At this early stage in Intamerge’s development, we would be keen to hear the feedback of our fellow developers, to help us identify some real-world applications, and ascertain where we should focus our development efforts over the coming weeks and months. 

Intamerge is a new breed of integration platform that takes integration out of the back office and puts it into the hands of the end-user.  Our browser based engine provides an easy to use graphical drag and drop interface that we call “Link in a Blink™” – facilitating the integration of any number and combination of applications and data sources.

We anticipate Intamerge and its plugins to service all kinds of technologies, including image processing, document processing, monitoring, IT housekeeping, system to system integration, business to business integration, spreadsheet and document manipulation.  The list is only restricted by the imagination and needs of the community.

Initially, we would very much value the impartial, objective feedback from our fellow developers so that we can start to develop Intamerge and a community of contributors.  Please check out and let us know your thoughts!