Calling 3rd party action with a different working-directory

I have a workflow where I’m setting the default working-directory to “./src”, since all my source code is in a sub folder called “src”. This works great for all run commands. But when I use a 3rd party action it seems that the working-directory isn’t working, I use an action that reads a json file and extracts a property from it, when I set the default working-directory it can’t find the file (if I do a “run ls” command then I can see the file there). If I remove the default working-directory (and add the path to the action) then it works as well, so I know the file is good and the action is working.
Am I missing something with the working-directory defaults?

No. The working-directory setting applies only to run steps, if you use the it only provides a default to those. 3rd party actions have to provide their own means to process certain directories.