Caching files between GitHub Action executions

How could I cache downloaded files (or complete directories) between multiple runs of a GitHub action?

I’m looking for something similar to what other CI systems such as Travis CI and Circle CI offer in order to save some time when downloading The Internet™ via Maven.


8 came here to mention the same.
I’ve built quite powerful docker builders, using the latest moby has to offer (buildkit), and caching all downloaded packages
But that’s useless if I always get a clean node.

Having the option to keep a node hot would be great and save so many resources and build time


Would be particularly useful to have this to cache dependencies in node_modules (NPM) and .m2 (Maven). Would speed my build by a dozen of minutes.


This would be good for caching pip downloads in Python. For example, Travis CI has

cache: pip

to cache



Thank you for being here, we recommend using artifacts for this specific case. Artifacts are the files created when you build and test your code. For example, artifacts might include binary or package files, test results, screenshots, or log files. Artifacts are associated with the workflow run where they were created and can be used by another job or deployed.

Our team created an action for uploading artifacts from your workflow here:

And for downloading them as well:

If you have any specific questions about either of those actions, we ask that you open an issue in the respective repository as our Actions engineering team monitors both repositories.


I think the point of caching is to avoid downloading at all. I don’t think downloading artifact will give significant margin againts installing dependencies, and it need additional step to upload. So artifact can’t be used to speed up dependencies installation by signicant margin.


That sounds fine for specific files, but what about Docker cache? Are you suggesting we can upload/download the entire /var/lib/docker directory?


That’s actually something docker buildkit allows, but very few docker repositories support just yet
And the version of docker on the nodes is rather old too

@duncan3dc, you have probably already found this out since you posted but leaving for anyone else who might happen on this discussion.

Both the upload and download of artifacts do work with whole directories. For instance, adding a second file in the upload-artifact example as…

- uses: actions/checkout@v1

- run: mkdir -p path/to/artifact

- run: echo hello > path/to/artifact/world_1.txt
- run: echo hello > path/to/artifact/world_2.txt

- uses: actions/upload-artifact@master
    name: my-artifact
    path: path/to/artifact

…does upload the whole directory with both files as a single artifact.

I can also verify that you  cannot upload  /var/lib/docker as you will receive access denied when trying to do so.

Regardless, the  upload-artifact and  download-artifact actions don’t satisfy the original request as they do not perist from action execution to action execution.

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Is the artifact unique per branch and PR, as it is with Travis caches? says:

  • Travis CI fetches the cache for every build, including branches and pull requests.
  • If a branch does not have its own cache, Travis CI fetches the cache of the repository’s default branch.
  • There is one cache per branch and language version/ compiler version/ JDK version/ Gemfile location/ etc.
  • Only modifications made to the cached directories from normal pushes are stored.

Based on the terse conversation at, it looks like download-artifact is not a solution to caching across invocations of workflows.

My use case is a project using Go, where I would like to preserve GOCACHE from one Workflow invocation to another. This particular project is taking about 11 minutes to run go test -race ./.... If it could use the build cache from a previous run, I would expect it to take less than a minute, as many of the test results would be cached and most of the compilation results would be cached too.

Not being able to transfer GOCACHE between runs is a significant hindrance to adopting GitHub Actions.


We appreciate the feedback, it’s clear to us that this is necessary.  We’re working on caching packages and artifacts between workflow executions, we’ll have it by mid-November.


That’s great to hear! We weren’t comfortable moving over from Circle without this.

Looking forward to it.


Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile:

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We are also waiting this to move completely. <3


Glad you guys are working on this as well, I use GitHub Actions to build some intermediary packages and caching is the only way to do it since artifacts won’t really cut it for large objects. It’d take too long to upload.


Looking forward to it! My use case:

On a macOS instance, cache some Node global dependencies expo-cli, react-native, and @sentry/cli. Possibly also some CocoaPods.

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That’s cool man, just got accepted in the beta and really loving it!

When this is live I might get rid of CircleCI all together :smile:!


For those who can’t wait the official cache solution, implementing one is not that hard.

You need an external storage. I used an S3 bucket for that.

Do a aws s3 sync \<remote\> \<local\> before the build, then a aws s3 sync \<local\> \<remote\> after the build.

Build must be smart enough to use the files you download from remote location.

It’s working well for me.