C#: string syntax highlight is broken

as the title suggests, strings syntax highlight is quite broken, especially for argument strings as far as i can tell; it persists in both Light/Dark Modes, but it’s far more noticeable in Dark Mode.
here’s an example:

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Thanks for reporting this @Metious (and sorry for delay in acknowledging)! I have shared this with the team to investigate.

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@Metious Do you mind pasting that code example or linking to a file on github.com?

I tried to reproduce it here test/c-sharp.cs at 86e395254c7e4d46868d7b8eb374ae388a523089 · simcado/test · GitHub but can’t reproduce the weird syntax highlighting of “Supply cache door”:

Hey, here’s one of the files that is affected by the syntax error:

Hope it helps, thank you in advance.

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