C# ML.net Object Search Questions

I studied from the tutorials above. All I want is to send an image of the picture box and search it.

But here they sent me an image file path and searched it.

public class ImageNetData
    public string ImagePath;

    public string Label;

    public static IEnumerable<ImageNetData> ReadFromFile(string imageFolder)
        return Directory
            .Where(filePath => Path.GetExtension(filePath) != ".md")
            .Select(filePath => new ImageNetData { ImagePath = filePath, Label = Path.GetFileName(filePath) });
IEnumerable<ImageNetData> images = ImageNetData.ReadFromFile(imagesFolder);
IDataView imageDataView = mlContext.Data.LoadFromEnumerable(images);
var modelScorer = new OnnxModelScorer(imagesFolder, modelFilePath, mlContext);

// Use model to score data
IEnumerable<float[]> probabilities = modelScorer.Score(imageDataView);
YoloOutputParser parser = new YoloOutputParser();

var boundingBoxes =
    .Select(probability => parser.ParseOutputs(probability))
    .Select(boxes => parser.FilterBoundingBoxes(boxes, 5, .5F));
public OnnxModelScorer(string imagesFolder, string modelLocation, MLContext mlContext)
    this.imagesFolder = imagesFolder;
    this.modelLocation = modelLocation;
    this.mlContext = mlContext;

I don’t know how to send an image from the Picture box to search. Can you help me?