c++,c#, vba or other langauge to use for creating interactive diagrams

The above flow diagram will be used to check certain criteria in order to get a specific Level. My aim is however, to create an interactive diagram.

For example, lets assume the rating criteria is fulfilled and the fulfillment is checkmarked as ok.

In this case, the red arrow (below the Rating box which points downwards) as well as the other arrows which then would follow suit should be blacked or greyed out so that only the next criteria in the examine line remains to be checked. And so on.

I wanted to ask about the experience and opinions of what programming langauge (e.g. c++, c# or Excel, Access VBA) would be most suitable to create such an interactive flow chart? is such an interactive flow diagram build by bulding a GUI first? and what name could such freatures for a flow diagram be searched by?  

Any experience, opinions or links to examples are most welcomed

Thank you very much in adavance