C++ AlphabetSoup Help

I have to do:

Using the C++ language, have the function AlphabetSoup( str ) take the  str  string parameter being passed and return the string with the letters in alphabetical order ( ie.  hello becomes ehllo). Assume numbers and punctuation symbols will not be included in the string.





Use the attached file AlphabetSoup.cpp to get you started.

And this is due march 9th. If anyone can help on how to do this as fast as they can. Please and thank you. That would be great.

Hi @nalingbird,

It would be helpful to know exactly where you’re getting stuck on this problem so that people in this community can help you get over the specific barrier that you’re facing. Currently, what you have posted sounds as though you’re looking for someone to do your homework for you which I’m sure is not what you’re expecting.

The more information you can give about where you’re getting stuck, the better help you’ll get.


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