Business Central Bug - My client had big loss due to this bug

Hello Dear,

I am facing big issue with customer, They always using Customer - Detailed Ageing report to know due and Balances. But Found that Its has a bug. Below are my example.

Customer Invoices : 4 Invoices (3 Applied to Payment and 1 UnApplied).

Now I am running Detailed Customer aging report with correct filters,

Output : (It should that -2400 need to pay back to customer).

Can you explain what the reason for the same ? We need answer ASAP But you can. My client claimed a lot to me and I have pay from my account for this issue. As they are blaming me that they lost his customer just because of system did wrong output to them.

I am stuck and not able to give answer to them

Raised same in Forum too,

Looking forward to hear back from you ASAP.

Pravin Dangar