Business Account falsely flagged as Spam!?

My account gfxpronet / gfxpronettm has been flagged for over 14 months ago for possible spam.
I contact GitHub and they believed this was due to me creating an account without Repo’s but I did added my Third-Party Websites. This is indeed correct cause at that time I was preparing on using GitHub and therefore only setup an account with unintentional I could be flagged as Spam… GitHub requested me to remove all Third-Party Site link in order the remove my flagged status, without hesitation I complied to the request I got, and responded with this matter…

Jeff (GitHub Developer Support)
Mar 31, 4:05 PM UTC


Our spam detecting systems flagged your account six months ago because it appeared that you may have set up an account solely for promotional purposes. Your repositories did not contain software projects, but rather descriptions of commercial services and links to third-party sites. This activity goes against our Terms of Service:

In order to clear the flag from your account we’ll first need you to agree to follow our Terms of Service going forward. We’ll also need you to remove the bio and URL from both your gfxpronettm personal account and your gfxpronet organization account.


But till today my account hasn’t been cleared and I tried multiple times to sort this out without any progression! I hereby would like to ask to the staff of GitHub to just clear my account and give me another chance on this platform, since I never could have one (yet)! I know that I need to contact Support directly, what i already did but as I said before this is already taking over 14 months now. Please help me?

Thank you in advance,
GPN (Wesley)

Hi there!

I’m afraid nobody here is able to unflag an account. I can see that you have opened a couple tickets. I’m sure you’ll hear from someone soon!

Hi canuckjacq,

Thank you for your response!

Can you give me an indication if this is something that can be fixed eventually, because my latest ticket resulted in saying they won’t be un-flagging my account (without and reasons)?

Please let me know and,
Thank you in advance, (and a happy new year)!
GPN (Wesley)

Again, we don’t handle those tickets here so it’s something outside of our expertise.

The correct team will be in touch when they get to your ticket. Please don’t open any more - that only delays responses.