Builtin actions/npm is missing

Pretty much every GitHub Action for a Node.js package uses actions/npm, which now appears to be missing :frowning:


Thanks for being here @mikeal, we are taking a look now. Will be back with an update.

Yes, those were removed as part of the deprecation of HCL-based workflows.

We’ll review this to understand the impact. But you can update your workflow to call npm directly, which is what we recommend and is simpler as well.

For example:

  • name: Build
    run: npm build
  • name: Test
    run: npm test
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Hey @mikeal,

As @ethomson mentioned, this action was deprecated in favor of calling npm directly. I understand the trouble this causes, and I’ve gone ahead and restored access to actions/npm so that you don’t have to switch over under duress. 

We’d like to remove access to this however, as it is deprecated. Do you know what your timeframe might be to switch over?

Sorry again for the trouble! 

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there’s a few dozen repos at least, I’ll pick at it over the next week or so and from then on probably just update them as they break.

if this was part of the HCL migration it would have been great to have included it in the migration script :wink:

Wow, actions/bin was also removed.

This means that everyone who migrated off of HCL with the migration script is going to be broken today.


removing actions/bin is a huge problem since the new filter syntax did not have feature parity with bin/filter until very recently