Buildx failed with: error: cannot reuse body, request must be retried


This error has become quite frequent since the latest service outage, take a look here:

12 retries

and here:

17 retries and still trying. Please fix or suggest a workaround. Thanks

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The issue persists

7 attempts

3 attempts and still trying.

I see no changes in the related GitHub actions, for what I can understand this is a GHCR issue

I am experiencing the same issue: Actions · felddy/foundryvtt-docker · GitHub

I am seeing two slightly different behaviors. All builds now fail with cannot reuse body, request must be retried. Some of the builds also have a bunch of write: connection reset by peer to before the final error.

Here is an example of the latter: Fix environment variable reference syntax · felddy/foundryvtt-docker@06d2fb3 · GitHub

I currently have one build on it’s 5th attempt, and another on its 13th.

I originally thought the issue was being caused by an upgrade of the setup-qemu-action, but have since abandoned that theory: Bumping version from 1.2.0 to 2.0.0 causes network errors pushing to · Issue #55 · docker/setup-qemu-action · GitHub

I am tracking my findings with two issue in my repository:

The problem seems fixed, no issues in the latest builds. Do you changed something on GHCR side? Nothing seems changed in the related actions. Thanks