Building Tarball & Dependencies on Windows

Hi all,

I need to use some tools from this package:

The readme is pretty light-on for a complete beginner like myself, but the gist of it is I need to build a package and this requires the use of dependencies.

From what I understand dependencies link directly to Github and are files that this package relies on?

I’m a moderately experienced Windows user and have bumbled around with python and pulling from repo for Couchpotato so I can follow instructions to the letter.  I’m wondering what is the simplest way (for a hack like myself) to get this up and running?  I specifically need to access the BIOS tools located here:

I’m running Windows 2012 Server R2, I’ve downloaded PortableGit-2.15.0-64-bit and mucked around with git-bash but can’t seem to get it running.

Would somone take pity on this poor Windows user and guide me through this?

It sounds like you’re trying to build the tools from the repository you linked to? If so, it’s probably best to open an issue on the repo itself (or follow the instructions in its CONTRIBUTING or SUPPORT documents if it has them) to get help with the specific project.