building boat

Create a program to register;

The time the boat pulled in the bay for service;

worker’s name who performed the work on the boat,

the time the job started on the boat,

the time the worked has completed on the boat,

the time the boat pulled out of the bay,

the quality check of the worked done for each boat build for the day,

using a wireless sensor device software communication.

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Hi @dasondemosthene,

This appears to be Project homework. We want to help you get the information you need, but we also are concerned that just giving you the answer will rob you of the necessary skills you’ll need to develop. If you can describe the things you’ve tried and how they haven’t worked for you, perhaps someone can give you a nudge in the right direction. 

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greetings: thanks for your extraordinary support in accomplishing this homework assignment. i have tried to excel with IFTTT, but no success.

thanks angain for your great support.

Not sure how far you got with your assignment or how real it needed to be as a model, but … 

You have lots of options ranging from simplistic/manual solutions to fully automated IoT / sensor driven

Linking MS Excel to IFTT is a non-trivial exercise in my mind :-) 

You could for example model all of the events in a web based application - 

The boat owner could “check-in” and “check-out” the boat from the dock / yard through one view,

The engineer could clock in and out of the job (multiple times) in another view and the same for the quality review.

I would recommend using a database (mongodb for personal choice) to store events and the time at which they happen - then you can use a relatively simple web basedfront end to store and retrieve event data - you could extend this as far as you like with sensors and other cool IoT integrations including IFTTT 

Happy to share some ideas with you if this is still a project your working on :slight_smile: