Building a neural network help

Hello guys.

First of all I want to inform you that I am new to github so I hope that this is the right place to post this.

Second of all this is my first big project I am using programming and most of the material I learn is self-taught so I hope you understand my struggle.

So I am a third year mechanical engineering student that aims to focus on Machine Learning. Due to this my final year dissertation project is based on Machine Learning and more specifically neural networks.

The aim of this project is to teach a Baxter robot (from Rethink Robotics) to press a button which will be located on a desk infront of it.

In order to communicate with baxter, I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS which again I had to learn how to use on my own. I am reading and taking notes on the theory of neural networks from a book called Computational Intelligence and I am simultaneously learning python.

I understand that in order to apply a neural network I will need some preformated packages so I also followed some tutorials on how to use tensorflow.

All this is good but my question is on how to actual start writting the code, I would really appreciate a few tips from where to begin with or which other tutorials to follow, or if there is something similar to the task I want to accomplish, because as I told you I have done coding before, but only to apply it for small exercises, not for such a big project and I am really struggling and I could really use some help!

Thank you!