Build time suddenly went up from 2 minutes to 1–3 hours


On my project, the duration of the GitHub Actions CI build suddenly went up from 2 minutes to 1 hours. The relevant commit at which the build time increased contained only a readme change (no code changes, no config changes, no test changes). Since then, the duration of the build is consistently 1–3 hours for every commit. I reverted to the last commit which was built under 2 minutes and pushed it, and that very same commit now was built in 2 hours.

  • Do you have any suggestions where to start troubleshooting?
  • Does GitHub Actions have any throttling in place besides the ones the documentation mentions?
  • Can I somehow “restart” the build machine?

Thank you for your help.

Okay, so apparently it had nothing to do with GitHub Actions, but at least it made sure that I turn on caching. My in-memory graph database was configured incorrectly, which caused its unability to commit a transaction. Somehow with the very same deps & config, locally this issue did not apppear, only on GitHub Actions.