Build monitor for GitHub Actions?

Hey! If you use GitHub Actions and are looking for more visibility into your CI/CD process, I’d love to get you set up with Ship: Ship | Build Monitoring · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub

Ship provides:

  • Visibility of all your GHA workflows
  • Desktop notifications for runs in real-time
  • Rallying around a blocked workflow
  • Announcing a feature or update tied to a workflow output
  • Celebrating teammates output
  • Triggering discussion around workflow events in Slack

I use Ship daily as a PM and it’s added a ton of value to my workflow. I know when features hit staging or production, where to find them, who’s working on them, and more - all in real time.

Feel free to drop me a line or submit feature requests through the app. Would love to hear from the community if there are any features that would add value for you!

Here’s the app website:

Looks like this is Mac only for now? So it only runs on Mac, or as a menu bar app in Safari?

Hey Mickey - yes, it’s a Mac app and it comes with an accompanying menu bar app.

No need to keep your browser open or to refresh. All builds are visible from the desktop app or menu bar. Native notification support is enabled.

We’re looking for feedback to improve the product for GHA users. Let me know if you’re interested in trying it out!

Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac. :frowning: Do you have any plans to support Windows?

It’s in the roadmap! I’ll follow up when we roll out Windows support :smiley:

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Pada tanggal Kam, 3 Jun 2021 04.12, marcusgarceau via GitHub Support Community <> menulis:

This looks like it could be quite cool. I started installation and noticed this required permission - can you explain a bit more? This feels like it could be a blocker for more paranoid teams.

Hey @aidansteele - it’s great feedback.

Right now Ship gets commit updates to pull them into workflow events and (eventually) display a full commit timeline in the event.

We’re going to add a ticket to our pipeline to see if we can reduce our need to commit metadata only, without requiring read access to the code itself. Thanks for flagging!