Bugs in this Program

This excellent program was placed in GitHub so that it might continue on since the passing of its creator.  It was placed here by his son.  It wasn’t completely finished as there are some bugs in it.  It used to be that this program had a price  on it to register,  but now it is free source, ( I know nothing about programming).

The poster probably has a list of bugs,  and I have one particular bug that I would like to see fixed. 

Is there anyone willing to work on this particular program?


Thank you in advance


To get any ‘outside’ help, you or the maintainer are going to have to write up some issues. E.g. you say you have a specific bug you want to see fixed: describe the bug, describe how to reproduce it, describe how you think it should work, etc. NOT HERE! Submit an issue in the repository!

An outside person, looking at the repo, cannot see any ‘tasks’ to take on. What are some enhancements that people desire? Bugs that people are experiencing? What are the goals of the project? Pain points? FAQs? All this stuff needs to be in the repository to provide direction - and in sufficient detail, especially for potential developers who are not Reloaders and have no idea about the point of the program.

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Ok first off I’m not the owner,  he died and his son put it on this site for people to work on.  I’m 66 years old and do not understand how this site works and have looked for a repository and can’t even find it.  I have the last stable .exe file for the program, as well as a backup file that it makes each time it is shut down. I can send both and then explain where the mistake is.  Providing I can figure out how to send an .exe and a backup file for this program.

On one of the sheets that you can print out,  A cost Inventory summary,  the total of the amount of powder left is not correct.  For example you can purchase 1 pound of pwder, use say .5 pound,  but the sheet shows still 1 pound.  All other components seem to add up correctly.  This is the only bug I can find in the program.

I’m sorry I’m too old and not computer savvy to be even able to use this site.

All people who had a license to use this program were notified by the son of the deceased man who developed this program,  that he was placing it on this site so people could continue to use it as well as fix some bugs.  I have only 1 bug that I have been able to identify and believe it might be an easy fix ( or not).

I have no idea where or who else to turn to as I know nothing of programing.

Thank you


Reloaders Workshop program has tutorials on You Tube,  several of them.  These explain how it works.    https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=reloaders+workshop+you+tube&view=detail&mid=EB271B000D6DA4799785EB271B000D6DA4799785&FORM=VIRE

Only one bug that I can see,  and that is when you print out an inventory sheet.

You can start with 1 pound of powder,  use say half or third pound,  and the inventory sheet still says you have 1 pound.  Other components are all OK as to use and what is left remaining.

As I say this is a wonderful program, but the owner and author has died and his son placed it on GitHub for people to use and fix the remaining bugs.  I have only found this one bug.


Dave - Thanks for the follow-up.  Yup, Github has a lot of features and can be confusing.

In your original post, you gave us a pointer to the Github repository:


If you go to that web page, you will see the word “Issues”. Click on that, click the green button “New Issue” over on the right side, and enter the details about the bug you posted. Click on the “Submit new issue” button.

In screen snaps:

Step 1:


Step 2:

Step 3:

Anyway, it’s merely a suggestion. With luck, some folks will see your bug here and take a look.

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Thank you for all your help.  I was able to follow your instr. and placed the info on the page you suggested,  now to just see if anybody answers.

I do hope so as it is a great program to use.

Thanks again