Bugs in the Github UI

Where should bugs in the github UI be reported? There doesn’t seem to be a public repository for it on github.

There is indeed no uniform platform to communicate bugs.
From my experience, you can use a form (like this: Share feedback - GitHub Support), use this forum here or the discussion plattform on their feedback repository Discussions · github/feedback · GitHub

Echoing what @Zerotask says, the feedback contact form is probably the best place to report UI issues and the support team will make sure it gets in front of the right team :sparkles:

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Thanks @Zerotask and @thomasshaped. I’m a bit reluctant to use a feedback form since in my experience those are generally fire-and-forget things where you launch your feedback into the ether and never hear anything.

Something like a GitHub issue is much nicer since you get feedback, can track its progress, etc.

I forgot to mention that this is with the Github Actions UI specifically: is the answer the same in that case?