Bugs in my application

Hello, I created an application in Java Swing to convert csv files downloaded from a Google Module contained in Google Drive into BBCode tables to be published in phpBB3. The tables can be displayed with 3 columns, with all columns or without BBCode. I would like to know if there are any bugs.
Thank you

This is my repository : https://github.com/lovepeacejoy404/CsvToBBcode

Q. Are there bugs?

A. Most likely.

Q. Can someone find them for you?

A. If you can motifate people to do this… (and read Italian?)

Q. Is there a better way?

A. Write tests, containing various small csv samples. Both correct and incorrect edge-cases and make sure your code handles it the way you want. You’d probably want to test for special and unicode characters, empty fields, … to name a few things.

Checkout unit-testing with a tool like https://junit.org/

You might also want to check out https://codereview.stackexchange.com/

With the code I wrote I wanted to publish on my phpBB forum the needs and resources of people who filled out a questionnaire. But I think it would be better to create a social network for which I opened a new discussion.
Thanks anyway.

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