[Bug] Wrong URL's on https://github.com/

Linux Mint 20.1
Firefox 89.0
Description of bug:
If you go to the page of a popular profile and click on the fork icon from one of the pinned repositories, you will be redirected to https://github.com/<username>/<reponame>/network
(for example here: https://github.com/bugzilla/bugzilla/network Network Graph · bugzilla/bugzilla · GitHub).

But should be redirected to https://github.com/<username>/<reponame>/network/members (for example here https://github.com/bugzilla/bugzilla/network/members Forks · bugzilla/bugzilla · GitHub)

What important if you click on fork icon of the same repo, but from repositoreis list (NOT from pinned), the behavior will be correct.


Fwiw, if you are using macOS, you can use QuickTime.app to record a video of this and open a ticket to https://support.github.com

On Windows, you can use psr.exe to record your clicks and then provide that as a bug report.

Either should work. I’ve submitted a small Video generated using QuickTime.app of this.

@jsoref Is this message correct for me? Firstly, I wrote what system I use, and secondly, I absolutely do not understand why I should record the screen in this case (and in any other)?

While your instructions were technically clear, I think a series of pictures would improve the likelihood of someone accepting the bug report.

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GitHub support has “escalated” this to engineering and makes no commitments.

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GitHub support reported that they’ve deployed a fix and I can confirm it appears fixed.