Bug with renaming yourself back

Step to reproduce:

  1. create an account
  2. create a public repo
  3. change username (and get some automatic redirection)
  4. try to change it back and get an error
Username change was not successful. The repository name `username1/myrepo` has been retired and cannot be reused

I read documentation about renaming and can’t see that you not allow to rename in back. I think that this is a bug with redirection. But if it’s not here PR in documentation

P.S. Yes I have a ticket #1180808 with this bug in github support but they not answer. Anyone can take my previous name but I am not.

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I’m afraid that one is going to have to be handled by support. I know it’s been a few days, but it’s in the correct queue and will be handled in order.

#1167406 closed created 16 days ago
#1180808 open created 6 days ago

I am closed first ticket because nobody answer in 10 days and created new one 6 day ago. Is there any chance that GitHub Support didn’t see people with new username? But anyway I simply can’t rename myself back but… anybody can do it and take it because login is free.

@munsocket if you close the ticket and open a new one, you go to the back of the queue. I am afraid that username tickets may be quite a wait, but closing a ticket isn’t going to help.

Thanks, problem solved!