Bug - Unable to add team as reviewer for environment

When adding reviewers for an environment, the description states “Specify people or teams that may approve workflow runs when they access this environment.”

However when entering the team name in, nothing comes up. As a result we are unable to add a team as a reviewer and instead have to manually add reviewers.

This was a more permission issue

I’m glad you fixed your permission issue.

However this is the only hit on the Internet.

For people who land here because they searched for the string, the starting documentation is:

Just burned a day on this. The problem for us was that our team was “secret”. Marking the team as “visible” made it selectable as a reviewer for the environment.

Hi!, I have the same issue, is there a way to add a secret team? or do I need to put as a closed team?

Hi, could you share with us what was the missing permission?

Hi Guys, Apologies for the delay, I haven’t logged in a while

@WALXAR I believe I fixed this by adding the repositories that the team had access to. You can do this by going to teams and clicking your team. Once you clicked into your team you should see

You need to go into repositories and add the repositories your team has access to

Official response from Github which may help - " Can you please check the team’s permissions on the repository? In order for a team to be added as a reviewer, it must have explicit write permissions on the repository, even if its members already have access."