BUG(UI - Notifications): Select All with minus (-) icon still selects all notifications

When I manually select several notifications, the Select All checkbox contains a minus sign icon. If I click that to un-select the notifications I just marked, it will select all notification checkboxes on the screen. I’m assuming it’s supposed to un-select all checkboxes.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Go to github.com/notifications
  • Select one or more notifications in the list
  • Click the Minus (-) icon in the Select All checkbox
  • All notifications are selected

That is not a bug the [-] checkbox means a mixed response Checkbox Example (Mixed State) | WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1

Oh, cool – TIL, thanks! The only time I’ve seen that icon/pattern was in my email where it behaves as I assumed.

So I agree, not a bug. But also GitHub’s implementation of it does not follow that pattern because: 1) you can’t cycle through all three states and 2) it doesn’t represent the various states with aria-checked attributes. So, I’ll close this and possibly open a feature request thread for that then.

Thanks again!