[Bug] Text overflows commit description in commits view


I wasn’t exactly sure where to report bugs for the github website, so I’ll post it here. In the commits view, if a commit description is long enough, it can overflow the container. (ex: expand Jul 25th’s commit)

Looking at it, it appears to be missing white-space:pre-wrap; which is preset on the commit description in the repo view from the class .ws-pre-wrap.

Hi @sethclydesdale!

This is a good place to report these kinds of bugs, yes!

I believe we’ve now fixed this one - can you confirm please? If you’re still seeing it, can you give me a link?

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Hi @yamiacat!

Yes, it is indeed fixed now! If I spot anymore bugs, I’ll be sure to report them here in the future.

Thanks for the response and have a good weekend! :+1:

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