[BUG] Status badge has wrong width when workflow name contains Unicode 🦄

I have already reported this issue here (actions/toolkit#742), so allow me to copy the report over from there:

Describe the bug
If a workflow name contains Unicode characters, the width for the status badge is too small:

Example build:
Turn off notifications unless build was scheduled · hpi-swa-lab/SqueakByExample-english@6128824 · GitHub

Thanks in advance for fixing it! :slight_smile:

These forums are actually not a good place for feature requests and bug reports. You should use the feedback form instead.

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Sorry, @thboop had guided me here. I have just submitted a feedback issue.

Yeah, I also saw that for other requests. This is a place for discussions, though. It makes the life of GitHub support and engineering a lot easier if feature requests and bug reports are submitted via the form, as that allows them to track these issues much better. Here, these things can get easily overlooked.

It’s just a bit sad for an open-source company not to have a public issue tracker but private feedback forms, but that’s of course not your fault … :slight_smile:

Well, there’s the public roadmap, but it appears to be reserved for larger projects. It would be nice to have another project board with the small scale things including a comment what product management thinks about it.

Most important for me is traceability. I would like to get updates if my - or someone else’s - issue has been solved, so they would need to pin our issues to their project board …


Yeah, I had the same thought. If you see that someone already submitted a request or bug, then you want to be able to enable notifications to get informed about any progress or the resolution. I started a discussion with the community management and Rising Stars (the most active community members) about this, let’s see where it goes.

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In case someone is needing a workaround, shields.io is also able to generate badges for every single workflow.