[BUG] Search feature doesn't work for my own repo

Hi there !

I don’t know why but in one of my uploaded projects the online search feature to search for words on my own source code doesn’t work at all. It just can’t find anything.

This is my repo and i was trying to search for “sound”

Is this a know issue ?
Is there some fix for this ?


Hi a2n :wave:

Welcome to the community forum! I tested this on your repo and I was able to reproduce. However, I haven’t been able to resolve it yet.

I will try to get more information about what may be going on here.

Thanks for your patience.

I worked with the engineering team that owns this part of the product and you should be able to see results now from your search.

We rely on an asynchronous workflow to update search indexes. This means updates can come out of order and when that happens, we can get mixed signals. In this case, we got an out of order update that made the repo look like it was deleted so it was removed from search.