Bug: Ribbon highlights remain on previous item when selecting Wiki in the ribbon

As the title says. If you select any ribbon item in a project page, then pick wiki, the highlight (red on my screen) remains on the previous item and also appears under the wiki item.

Edit: This bug only occurs if you are not logged in.

Ok, so I had already confirmed that this occurred on multiple projects, but I turned off and on the brave ad blocker and now the bug is gone. So it seems that having the ad blocker on doesn’t cause the bug necessarily, but it’s either coincidental that the bug stopped when I toggled the feature off then on again, or the action itself somehow cleared the bug.

The bug also occurs on Microsoft Edge.

I can reproduce this in Firefox, whether logged in or not. If I then click on another non-wiki item it’s back to only the active one being marked.

Here’s the result of clicking “Security” first, and then switching to the Wiki: